If you’re reading this, you’re probably a really algebraic person.

Because you’re probably looking at the Adventure Time tag :D

Adventure Time is my absolute favorite television show. This blog was created as a result of the mutations occurring in the Land of Ooo after the Mushroom War - but what I really mean is, this blog was magically created by myself in my favorite TV show’s honor.

I know there’s a million other Adventure Time fans out there, so if you love the show, feel free to follow this blog, or just check it out sometimes. Basically what I do is just edit various pictures of the show in a mathematical way (I know, very original) to best represent the awesome things we all love about the Land of Ooo - OooThings.

Anyways, the blog’s new, so check it out, and definitely submit some OooThings so I can whip them up into a neat little picture! Or leave me feedback, I’d love to hear it!

Or not - I’ll be here if you change your mind later on :)

5 notes   -  23 December 2011